SATA, SAS chips target next generation digital media platforms -

SATA, SAS chips target next generation digital media platforms

San Jose, Calif.—Pericom Semiconductor Corp. announced its next generation SATA 3Gbps and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) signal conditioning products.

These products enable cost-effective implementation of next generation high bandwidth external SATA 3Gbps and SAS HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) for connectivity to PC notebook and desktop, digital set-top box and server system platforms.

Pericom's PI2EQX3431 SATA 3Gbps/SAS ReDriver IC is a one-port product that improves the signal waveform integrity and total allowable distance when connecting next generation SATA 3Gbps or SAS 3.0Gbps HDDs to a 'host' (desktop, server, or set top box). This connection can be either external through a long cable, or internal through long PCB traces. External SATA is now a mainstream system feature for data and media storage expansion and backup.

Along with the signal conditioning features, the PI2EQX3421 serves as a 1:2 port switch to select between two HDDs (or alternatively, two hosts). All SATA 3Gbps/SAS ReDriver products have been validated with both Intel and AMD notebook and desktop PC platforms and these new products join Pericom's other SATA 3Gbps/SAS ReDriver ICs, the PI2EQX3201, PI2EQX3202 and PI2EQX3232 products.

Pricing: In 10,000-units: PI2EQX3421 for $1.95; PI2EQX3431 for $1.45.
Availability: Samples, evaluation kits, and production quantities are available now.
Datasheets: PI2EQX3431 and PI2EQX3421.

Pericom Semiconductor Corp.,

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