SBC's to blunt growth of industrial computers -

SBC’s to blunt growth of industrial computers

LONDON — The world market for embedded panel industrial PCs, estimated at almost $200 million in 2008, is forecast to exceed $250 million in 2013 according a new report from IMS Research.

This would be a growth of almost double the percentage rate of the standard-panel IPC market.

“The trend towards IPCs, which do not rely on fan cooling, will continue throughout the forecast period,” said Mark Watson, senior analyst at IMS Research (Wellingborough, England).”This is largely due to customer demand for increased reliability whilst also maintaining performance and functionality levels, which are now attainable through new processor technologies. Embedded IPCs show the fastest revenue growth; as advantages in size, cooling and reliability attracts a new customer base whilst also encouraging existing users to move from other IPC types.”

However Watson believes the growth could have been greater. “A factor likely to blunt the growing use of embedded-panel IPCs to 2013, especially in control-based applications, will be the increasing adoption of single-board computers. This competing product type, offering similar functionality to a complete IPC but in a smaller form factor, is often perceived as being more reliable and power efficient.”

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