Scalable file system puts safety first -

Scalable file system puts safety first


Santa Barbara, Calif.—A crash-safe file system from Green Hills Software, Inc. features a very small footprint suited for embedded applications—about 30 Kbytes, depending on the processor—yet can scale up to meet the requirements of desktop and server systems. Called the Partitioning, Journaling File System (PJFS), the product naturally targets safety, security, and reliability-critical applications.

Because it performs data and metadata journaling for crash safety and fast rebooting and recovery, PJFS is well-suited for avionics, automotive, telematics, infotainment, and medical systems, as well as for consumer devices where data integrity and quick startup are critical.

Said to be the first file system suited for high-assurance applications, PJFS is designed to be consistent with the Multiple Independent Levels of Security architecture. In particular, it touts a patent-pending architecture that guarantees file storage services to applications of different criticality, even when they share just one physical device.

Compatible with Green Hills' INTEGRITY operating system and VelOSity microkernel, PJFS has a familiar, POSIX-compliant application programming interface. The interface also offers “lightweight” extensions for nonblocking read and write operations. These include an optional ARINC 653 file system interface for safety-critical avionics systems, and a back-end design that works with all media, such as RAM disks, IDE-based devices, and flash memory.

General release of PJFS is planned for January 2006. It will offered royalty-free for as little as $2,700.

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