Scalable PowerVR Series7 GPUs feature teraflop performance -

Scalable PowerVR Series7 GPUs feature teraflop performance


Imagination Technologies has introduced PowerVR Series7, an entire line-up of GPUs that scale from 16 to 512 arithmetic logic unit (ALU) cores. PowerVR Series7 features full hardware virtualization and Android Extension Pack (AEP) support with hardware tessellation, as well as features such as geometry shaders, PVR3C triple compression technology for bandwidth/power savings, and full ASTC (adaptive scalable texture compression) support. Series7 also includes Imagination’s advanced PowerGearing technology for dynamic core and cluster level power management.

The PowerVR Rogue architecture is scalable via threads, cores, and clusters. Rogue uses clusters of up to 32 multi-threaded ALU cores, working in close cooperation with dedicated texture units on the same region of the screen. This approach ensures that all accesses to memory are correlated and efficient.

Series7 architectural enhancements include:

  • Instruction set enhancements including added co-issue capability, resulting in improved application performance and increased GPU efficiency
  • New hierarchical layout structure that enables scalable polygon throughput and pixel fillrate improvements in addition to increased clock frequencies
  • GPU compute setup and cache throughput improvements resulting in up to 300% better parallel processing performance

Featuring AEP and 10-bit YUV support as standard, Series7XT GPUs are based on two to sixteen clusters, each containing 32 multi-threaded multi-tasking ALU cores, with high-end configurations capable of achieving teraflop level performance. GPUs include the two cluster GT7200, four cluster GT7400, six cluster GT7600, eight cluster GT7800, and 16 cluster GT7900, with other configurations available.

Series7XE GPUs are based on a single scalable cluster of up to 32 multi-threaded multi-tasking ALU cores, enabling the latest games and apps on power and cost constrained devices such as entry-level to mid-range mobile devices, TVs, set-top boxes and wearables, as well as a broadening range of products such as photocopiers, printers, consumer and other enterprise devices which increasingly require high-quality UIs at competitive price points. Series7XE are the smallest GPUs that are AEP compatible, yet like the high-performance Series7XT family can be configured with options such as 10-bit YUV support for HEVC, making them ideal for applications like entry level UltraHD TVs. GPUs include the GE7400 with 16 cores and the GE7800 with 32 cores.

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