Scope fixture, probes, software zero-in on USB 2.0 compliance -

Scope fixture, probes, software zero-in on USB 2.0 compliance


Newnan, Georgia—So many product designs these days include high-speed Universal Serial Bus connectivity. If you're designing-in USB 2.0 , check out the busXplorer USB 2.0 Compliance Test Solution from Yokogawa Corporation of America . It comprises a compliance test that ensures your designs will meet all USB specs defined by the (USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum).

busXplorer-USB consists of a USB test fixture and USB compliance test software. These work together with Yokogawa's existing DL9200 digital oscilloscope, which is controlled by your PC across an Ethernet connection.

Desktop Testing

As you can see from the photo (above), a scope, the test fixture, and a notebook will put you in full control of USB 2.0 test. The DL9200 Series digital scope that Yokogawa recommends is a 1.5-GHz instrument dubbed the DL9240. It costs about $16,000.

The DL9200 offers up to 6.25-Mpoints of memory per channel on four channels. In addition to this long memory, a DL9200 performs sampling at speeds up to 10-Gsamples/s. The DL9200 also includes a plethora of advanced triggering and detailed waveform search capabilities.

When combined with current probes and high-bandwidth active and differential probes, the scope gives you waveform analysis capabilities that are just the ticket for USB 2.0 testing as well as general-purpose lab use.

Additionally, the DL9200 offers triggering on, and analysis of, lower speed serial data buses including I2 C, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), CAN (Controller Area Network), and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), and others, as well as UART analysis.

Device, Host, Hub Tests

Back to the busXplorer USB 2.0 Compliance Test Solution. It performs all USB high-speed device, host, and hub electrical tests, as well as legacy (low-speed and full-speed) tests, as defined by the USB-IF.

Yokogawa's USB test fixture consists of USB connectors for attaching the device, host, or hub being tested. The fixture also includes test points for various active, differential, and current probes.


For its part, the user-friendly USB compliance test software provides explicit step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. The software also includes diagrams of device-to-test fixture connections, so that you can complete the compliance tests in a straightforward manner.

The software lets you perform detailed waveform troubleshooting and analysis by linking to Yokogawa's Xviewer Waveform Analysis software (a separate product). The USB compliance test software organizes test results by creating and automatically naming a report for every test of each device.

Okay, how much? The USB test fixture is priced at about $1850. The software will set you back about $2250.

Click here for a brief datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

For more details contact Yokogawa Corporation of America, 2 Dart Road, Newnan, Georgia 30265. Phone: 800-258-2552 or 770-254-0400. Fax: 770-254-1337. E-mail:

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