Scopes offer up to eight channels -

Scopes offer up to eight channels


The DL7400 series of oscilloscopes consists of four models featuring between four and eight analog channels. With a sample rate as fast as 2GSs, the instruments can trigger off an analog signal, a digital signal, or a combination of the two. Trigger types include pattern triggers, pulse width and glitch triggers, and TV triggers (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and HDTV).

With up to eight analog channels and 16-bit logic inputs, the DL4700 family eliminates the need to synchronize an oscilloscope with a logic analyzer.

The DL7400 scopes can save previously acquired waveforms into memory and analyze them after acquisition has stopped. A history search feature allows users to search up to 4096 previously acquired waveforms and display only those that meet (or fail to meet) user defined conditions. Using all the waveforms in memory, the DL7400s can automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation values of waveform parameters.

The instruments can be controlled and data can be transferred remotely from any network connection by means of a built-in web server and Ethernet connector. The scopes can also be controlled using a direct connection a PC via USB or GP-IB. The DL7400 supports three types of removable media: floppy disk, ZIP disk, or Type II flash memory.

The starting price for a four-channel model will be around $13,000. Starting price for an eight-channel model will be around $22,000. The DL7400 series will be available in March 2003.

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