Scottish-French cooperation on wireless development -

Scottish-French cooperation on wireless development


LONDON — Wireless Innovation, Scotland’s national initiative supporting wireless and mobile technologies, and France’s recently launched PACA Mobile Center (PMC) in Marseilles, have set up a partnership to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to critical development resources and networks of commercial partners. Wireless Innovation is based at the Hillington Park Innovation Centre in Glasgow and is providing support to over 140 companies developing wireless and mobile products and services in Scotland.

The partnership is intended to enable both organisations’ members to initiate and explore synergies, share important physical resources such as handsets, and open new channels to network operators, handset manufacturers and standardisation institutes.

“Our goal is to help businesses understand market trends, technology challenges and identify new routes to market. By partnering with PMC we are hoping to bring new opportunities to our developer community and offer pragmatic solutions to the key challenges faced by this sector now and in the future,” said Ian Downie, Senior Innovation Manager at Wireless Innovation.

“In this rapid growing Mobile market, PACA Mobile Center is an international consortium offering shared services and resources, to reduce cost, complexity and development cycle for SMEs and large corporations, serving more than 20 members as of today, such as Mobile Distillery, Mobivillage, AudioMobile Agency and Miyowa'” said Vincent Berge, president of PMC consortium and General Manager of Mobile Distillery. “Beyond current complementary services, the new critical mass will explore and provide new Mobile technology horizons, suck as HD SIM card or NFC/RFID opportunities, building international experience and momentum.”

PMC’s aim is to set up a mobile centre dedicated to testing mobile applications during the development phase on mobiles. By sharing these resources, developers will have even greater access to specialist development and test equipment, and increased opportunities to engage with, and demonstrate their products and solutions to, potential customers and commercial partners.

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