Scottish lasers get Chinese outlet -

Scottish lasers get Chinese outlet


LONDON — Intense Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland), a developer of lasers, has signed a distribution agreement with A&P Instruments, an OEM distributor of lasers and instrumentation in China.

The agreement enables A&P to distribute Intense's entire line of high power, QWI enabled laser diodes to manufacturers in China that require sophisticated instrumentation and optical components. Products include Intense's high power visible and IR laser diodes, bars and stacked arrays, fiber lasers, and individually addressable arrays.

Sammy Woo, China Sales and Marketing Manager, A&P Instruments said, “We have been doing business in China successfully for 24 years and have an unrivaled understanding of what our customers need.”

Intense's patented Quantum Well Intermixing process increases the quantum well bandgap of a semiconductor laser in a controlled and highly precise manner so that active and passive sections can be created in the same laser cavity. Passive non-absorbing mirrors (NAMs) are created at the facet regions of the cavities to avoid catastrophic optical mirror damage (COMD), a problem frequently encountered in other laser devices.

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