Scottish speech technology keeps US on track -

Scottish speech technology keeps US on track


Edinburgh, UK — A Scottish developer of text-to-speech technology is providing synthesis software for use with Motorola's VIAMOTO products which allow consumers to access location-specific information and turn-by-turn directions on wireless devices.

Rhetorical's text-to-speech engine, rVoice, produces voice guidance instructions that are created and delivered to a GPS-enabled mobile phone with both speakerphone capability and VIAMOTO software. It provides a range of voices in different languages, regional accents, and speaking styles.

The VIAMOTO solution is currently launching nationwide in the US with the AVIS car rental organisation being used in the 'Avis Assist' option. This service is currently available for rent in more than 20 US cities including Dallas, Washington D.C., Boston, and Newark.

VIAMOTO users select their destination in one of three ways; either by calling an operator, using the phone keypad, or through a web interface. The voice directions for a route are then determined by VIAMOTO servers, downloaded and stored in the phone. The directions from the current GPS location to the destination are then automatically read to the user along the route.

rVoice converts any type of text into speech which is said to be indistinguishable from human voice in terms of naturalness, intelligibility and accuracy. It can convert the text of email messages, news headlines, or product information into a spoken message that can be delivered to customers by phone or over an internet connection.

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