Script enables wireless design transfer -

Script enables wireless design transfer

LONDON — A U.K. company says it has developed a tool which will simplify the integration of wireless technology for machine to machine (M2M) communications and ease the switch of product designs from one wireless technology to another.

EZURiO (Wooburn Green, England) says its UWScript condenses the thousands of lines of C code that are traditionally needed to create wireless connections in standards such as Bluetooth, 802.11 and ZigBee, into a couple of lines of basic script. The transferable scripting language which can be used across any wireless technology, is designed to sit in the firmware of existing wireless modules.

UWScript uses the processing power of a microprocessor on wireless intelligent serial module (WISM), to deliver host-free intelligent solutions.

The modules include drivers and TCP/IP protocols along with a built in compiler. UWScripts can be written directly on the module, creating application programs without the need for an external development suite or processor.

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