SD analyzer has 'unlimited' data capture -

SD analyzer has ‘unlimited’ data capture


Elan Digital’s SDPA1000 SD analyzer with real time data analysis and unlimited data capture provides time-savings when designing and/or de-bugging SD compliant interface equipment.
Powered from the USB2.0 host port on any PC the SDPA1000 supports any SD/SDHC/SDIO devices. The  POD allows the SD signals to be ‘intercepted’ and recorded on the PC hard drive.

The JAVA-based application software provided can be automatically updated via the Web and provides signals decoding and includes information about clock and power lines during the analysis period. Customer-defined triggering options are included in the application.
The next product on the Elan SD test equipment roadmap is an SD3 capable version of the current analyzer. An upgrade path for users of current versions will be available.

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