SDR development tool runs on RTOS -

SDR development tool runs on RTOS


The latest version of SCARI++ Software Suite, developed jointly by Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) and Green Hills Software is now available for the Integrity operating system. As a result, the suite, used to build software communications architecture (SCA) based software-defined radio (SDR) systems, is available for a true embedded system, giving radio designers enhanced development and deployment capabilities. The ability to operate with Integrity-based platforms means the tool will more accurately reflect the way radio developers operate in the real world, using embedded real-time OSs.

The software suite gives developers a complete and easy-to-use blueprint for designing and implementing SDR, which will help to ensure interoperability between SDR devices from different manufacturers. It's based on version 2.2 of the SCA specs published by the U.S. Department of Defence Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS).

Further details about CRC’s SDR technology, which includes SCARI-Open and the SCARI Software Suite, are available at

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