Searching for patents can be a breeze -

Searching for patents can be a breeze

Are you in need of a patent for a design that you're working on? If so, one our readers has come to your rescue. We recently published an article titled “Do we need to shorten the patent approval process?” The article talked about how difficult it is to get a patent, and how long the backup is, citing some statistics that are somewhat scary.

James, from Maryland, suggests you go to This is a site that allows free patent searching, free PDF downloading, free alerts, and more. It's a good resource for IP attorneys, patent searchers, scientific researchers, students, and small businesses.

The site covers embedded technology topics, but it also covers lots of other areas, and is easily searchable. It also offers an RSS feed.

I've never actually applied for a patent, but this site seems to be a good starting point. At least I now know that somebody has already applied for a patent for the golf ball I've been working on.

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