SECO: make your business IoT-ready in 3 easy steps -

SECO: make your business IoT-ready in 3 easy steps


At electronica, SECO is going to showcase its ample product range to more than seventy thousand visitors from eighty-four countries worldwide. SECO will display its set of computer-on-modules and single-board computers. Along the roadmap of solutions, which increasingly align with the market trends, SECO will showcase its all-encompassing, cutting-edge approach for the embedded industry that embraces hardware, software, and system integrations in line with a business model such as “IIoT as a service”.

The service, which was designed to be an all-in-one service for the electronics industry, covers each and every aspect of the industrial Internet of Things.  It has the potential to radically enhance the productivity of the customer and, ultimately, reshape its industrial and, thereby, business processes. Thanks to the augmented capabilities provided, the customer's production can easily evolve towards a much greater efficiency along the optimization principles of the Industry 4.0. The service that SECO offers involves three main cornerstones: the software framework, the gateways, the edge computing components.

The framework consists of a web control panel for device management by means of a simplified user interface.  That is to say, it ensures the possibility to manage all the connected devices and, therefore, all the machineries in the factory from a single control panel. Moreover, it enables over-the-air software and OS updates and brings them under the complete control of the user, so that the customer's productivity isn't limited to the physical machineries but also extends over time through a series of continuous upgrades that expand and fine-tune the functionalities of such machineries. Through dedicated APIs, the software framework delivers as far as the easy integration with CRM, analytics and ERP is concerned.

The framework also employs smart agents. These smart agents, powered by AWS and IBM Watson, involve autonomous system components and decentralized control systems, intertwined in a feedback loop in which physical processes affect computations and vice versa. Their role is to relentlessly monitor the environment and all the connected devices in order to foretell the product lifetime horizon, as well as to forecast any future need for repair and proactively act accordingly, managing sensors and actuators when necessary.

Moreover, the service comprehends a network of gateways (for example, the smart edge compute unit built on NXP i.MX 6SoloX processor SBC-C23) that, together with the edge computing component (for instance, the COM Express 3.0 Basic Type 6 Module with the Intel 8th generation Core Xeon, formerly Coffee Lake H, CPUs COMe-C08-BT6) represents the hardware side of the offer.

SECO's smart gateways are based on powerful and flexible CPUs built on ARM and x86 architectures. They provide full connectivity (2G / 3G / LTE, LAN, Wi-Fi, BT) and rapid integration with sensors and PLCs. They directly process the data, which is then sent to the edge where the data is analyzed via machine learning.

In conclusion, this is an all-in-one service available on the market that provides prototyping tools, industrial IoT hardware, AI-powered software, connectivity, IoT device cloud and IoT apps. The added value for the user is to optimize the production, achieve faster time to market, enable predictive maintenance, enhance the end user experience and, ultimately, monetize the data collected in the whole process by providing added-value services.

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