SECO: new solutions based on 8th gen Intel Core U and 9th gen Core H processors -

SECO: new solutions based on 8th gen Intel Core U and 9th gen Core H processors


Simultaneously with Intel's launch, SECO is making available a new range of solutions based on the latest Intel technologies: the 8th Gen Intel Core U processor family (codename “Whiskey Lake”) and the 9th Generation Intel Core H processor family (codename “Coffee Lake Refresh”).

The 8th Gen Intel Core U-Series processors are feature rich delivering high performance per watt. Ranging from 4 to 2 cores, increased I/O capacity and the latest DDR4-2400 memory, these processors meet the increasing requirements for graphics, audio, and compute capabilities while providing the headroom to consolidate data and applications. Software optimized tools such as the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and Intel System Studio accelerates the development of vision applications like facial recognition, people counting, and object detection.

To exploit this great potential in a standard form factor, SECO developed the COMe-C55-CT6, a COM Express 3.0 Compact Type 6 module with the 8th Gen Intel Core and Celeron U-series processors. It stands out for the wide connectivity (4x USB 3.1, 8x USB 2.0, and up to 8x PCI-e x1 lanes) and it features an Intel UHD Graphics 620 and two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots supporting DDR4-2400 (up to 32GB). Thanks to its low power multi-core Intel architecture for mobile applications, capable of combining high versatility with great power and excellent energy-efficiency, the COMe-C55-CT6 is perfect for biomedical and medical devices, edge computing, digital signage & infotainment, HMI, kiosks, transportation, and measuring instruments.

The 9th Gen Intel Core H-Series processors are Intel IoT’s most powerful and flexible generation of 45 watt processors yet, offering support for Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and Intel Media SDK. Ranging from 4 to 6 cores, increased I/O capacity and the latest DDR4-2666 memory, these processors deliver the performance required to consolidate multiple workloads, a flexible platform to design intelligent devices and value-add solutions.

To fully meet these market demands, SECO built on these state-of-the-art processors a COM Express solution and a Single Board Computer in mini-ITX form factor.

The COMe-C08-BT6 is a COM Express 3.0 Basic Type 6 Module with the Intel 8th generation Core / Xeon CPUs and now also 9th generation Core / Xeon / Pentium / Celeron CPUs. It is an exceptional platform when it comes to performance, with up to six cores for greater processing power. Furthermore, it features an Intel Gen9 LP graphic core architecture, up to 48 execution units and comes with 4x USB 3.0, 8x USB 2.0, 8x PCI-e x1 Gen3, and finally PEG x16 Gen3. The supported memory is up to 64GB DDR4-2666 on two SO-DIMM slots (also ECC technology with Xeon and Core i3 combined with CM246 PCH). It is ideal for biomedical and medical devices, digital signage & infotainment, gaming, telco, HMI, industrial automation and control.

For those looking for a single board computer based on these innovative Intel-based processors, SECO also developed the SBC-C66-mITX, a SBC in mini-ITX form factor with the Intel 8th generation Core/Xeon and 9th generation Core / Xeon / Pentium / Celeron CPUs. It stands out for its great graphics capabilities, with an Intel UHD Graphics 630/P630 architecture, supporting up to 3 independent displays at the same time and multiple video interfaces (2x DP++ connector, eDP 40-poles connector – interface switched with LVDS, LVDS Single/Dual Channel connector – interface switched with eDP). The connectivity is impressively wide, with up to 2x Gigabit Ethernet interface with AMT support, IEEE1588 and TSN support thanks to the SDP functionality of the Ethernet Controller Intel I210, 2x USB 3.1, 4x USB 2.0, NVMe SSD slot, PCI-e x8 port (PCI-e x16 mechanical slot) and VPU High Speed Connector with 4x USB 3.1 and 2x PCI-ex4. Memory-wise, it mounts up to 128GB of DDR4 memory on 4x SO-DIMM slots (ECC supported). Main applications are biomedical/medical devices, gaming, industrial automation and control, IIoT, and surveillance: a high-performance, flexible solution for intelligence at the edge.

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