Secure Data Transaction Using Cryptographic Algorithms in ARM -

Secure Data Transaction Using Cryptographic Algorithms in ARM

Wireless network is the contrivance used to transmit data over wide field and its significance is mounting worldly in many crucial applications medical, industries, military etc. Authentication is the security factor must be implied for secure data transmission.

Encrypted data is usable and beneficial in the field where invader interruption is basic problem in sending promising data. Authentication is achieved by various security algorithms which consist of logical processing.

Blowfish algorithm is usable in encrypting large and sensitive files. It divides large size data into similar half and encrypts the data with logical function. Authentic key of varying size is provided to ensure the authentication of the data transmitted. Since plaintext are broken into half and enciphered, these enhance performance time.

This paper describes the performance of the Blowfish cryptography algorith on a 32 bit ARM LPC2148processor. The algorithm is non-proprietary and licence free, and is freely usable for anyone to use.

In Blowfish algorithm, the tractability of key is more secure than other existing cryptographic algorithm. Because generation of key is unmanageable task due to versatile key length. So the hacker cannot smash the algorithm and data tardily. The main reward of Blowfish algorithm is simple, fast, compact, high throughput, elevated security level.

The proposed system mainly focussed on transmitting the secure data using blowfish algorithm through higher end processor of LPC2148 and the Code is written in Embedded C. To run the programs Keil 4. 0 complier is utilized.

Transmitter end processor use ARM LPC2148 to encrypt the data received from PC and transmits the data via wireless transceiver. Receiver end processor ARM LPC2148 receives the encrypted data and decrypts to retrieve original data.

To read more of this external content, download the complete paper from the online archives at Research India Publications.

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