Secure supplicant protects embedded WLAN clients -

Secure supplicant protects embedded WLAN clients


For distributed embedded applications shifting from wired to wireless connections between remote sensors and controller, TeamF1 is now offering its SecureAire Supplicant, a complete, secure 802.11 supplicant security software middleware package.

According to TeamF1 President Mukesh Lulla the Supplicant middlewareis designed to offer secure WLAN access to traditionally wired devicessuch as medical equipment, printers, projectors, phone handsets andother networked embedded devices

SecureAire Supplicant combines a number of security packages with an802.11 stack and flexible driver framework that works with a variety of802.11 WLAN devices.

“Since anyone within range of wireless networks can interceptinformation traveling through the air, security efforts for wirelessnetworks cannot be concentrated at the boundaries,” said Lulla.

SecureAire Supplicant is equipped with advanced features such as itsconcurrent support for different generations of 802.11 securitytechnology, from WEP through WPA, up to WPA2 / 802.11i, in eitherPersonal (Pre-shared Key) or Enterprise (802.1X) mode.

When using Enterprise (802.1X) mode, it supports all popular EAPmethods (MD5, TLS, TTLS and PEAP) and includes a framework to add newones as they are standardized.

SecureAire Supplicant also includes device-friendly features such asan 802.11 MIB, QoS control using 802.11e, and support for multipleradios and SSIDs. Being a device-optimized software component, itincludes the ability to scale out unused modules and is tailored foruse in environments with stringent memory and CPU “horsepower”limitations.

SecureAire Supplicant is now available with support for royalty-freesource code licensing and supports a variety of embedded operatingsystems including VxWorks, embedded Linux distributions and others.

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