Secure-X software makes radar-camera sensor integration quick and simple -

Secure-X software makes radar-camera sensor integration quick and simple

Cambridge Pixel  has unveiled its Secure-X family of software modules, designed to help those developing radar and camera security solutions to quickly and cost-effectively integrate disparate sensor types into their security surveillance solution and to thereby reduce development time and cost.

Secure-X provides a toolkit of field-proven, best-in-class software building blocks for radar and camera interfacing, processing and display with modules for radar acquisition, processing, scan conversion, tracking of radar and video targets, fusion, recording and display. Secure-X is also available as a ready-to-run surveillance application that integrates radar and video cameras with threat display, recording and target tracking – with optional source code for extension, localisation and long-term support.

The latest addition to the Secure-X family is the VTx Server, which provides target tracking from camera video. In a typical situation, targets may be automatically acquired from a radar and then passed to the video tracker for frame-by-frame tracking. The video tracker, which is software-based and accelerated with GPU processing, analyses the video data frame-by-frame to determine the motion of a target of interest. The output may be used to display a target position or move a camera to keep a target of interest in the field of view.

The Secure-X software family is based on components from Cambridge Pixel’s established SPx and SPx-AV software modules. These modules are provided as C++ classes that can be built into a Windows or Linux application. Secure-X interfaces to many standard radars including Kelvin Hughes, Terma, Blighter, Navtech, JRC, Simrad and Raytheon as well as to video and related sensors.

Cambridge Pixel will showcase its Secure-X software at SPIE DSS (Defense, Security and Sensing) on booth 1209 from 6-8 May at the Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland, USA.

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