Security technology takes time -

Security technology takes time

I was not surprised when I heard that physically unclonable function (PUF) security technology from Intrinsic-ID NV was being designed into SmartMX2 secure microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductor NV.

Apparently there's going to be a demo of the silicon fingerprinting technology inside a SmartMX2 prototype IC at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

After all, both companies are based in Eindhoven and both are spinoffs from Philips Electronics. In fact, what was more surprising was that it hadn't happened before, as Intrinsic-ID has been around since 2008.

Then I remembered that Philips was offering to license out what it called Quiddikey technology back in 2008 and NXP and Intrinsic had announced they were getting together back in January 2010.

So what happened?

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