Segger expands debugging portfolio -

Segger expands debugging portfolio


Segger Microcontroller has introduced three new products: J-Scope data visualization software, J-Link Real Time Terminal and a beta release of the stand-alone Debugger software. These products are for use with Segger's J-Link family of debug probes and are available in the UK from Phaedrus Systems Limited.

J-Scope works in real time to display an accurate representation of the sampled variables. This allows the engineer to gain deeper understanding of the embedded application while it is running. J-Scope is powered by J-Link HSS (High Speed Sampling), which can continuously sample variables at very high speed, through the standard debug interface without affecting the target processor's real time performance. Running autonomously, for high sampling rates and precise timing, J-Scope displays both values and an oscilloscope-like trace. Typical applications include monitoring a network stack or the 3-phase 50 Hz signal of a motor control application.

J-Link Real Time Terminal
The J-Link Real Time Terminal (RTT) improves communication between the host development computer and the target system by at least an order of magnitude in each direction, provided the CPU allows access to the background memory through the debug interface. RTT sends messages to the host without halting the target system, taking less than a microsecond to send a one line text message from an ARM Cortex-M or a Renesas RX based system. Written in C, J-Link RTT works through a simple Telnet application with an IDE/Debugger. It can reduce the time taken for the standard printf() routed via SWO (ARM's Serial Wire Output) by a factor of at least 100, by overriding the command and can be over 10,000 times faster than a traditional breakpoint/semi-hosting type system. Gathering debug data no longer has any impact on the behaviour of the system, even for time-critical real time.

J-Link Debugger software
The J-Link debugger software is a graphical tool that works with Segger's J-Link and J-Trace probes to improve embedded system debugging, without using the compilers IDE debugger. It works at both C source and assembly language levels and can also be used to debug target-resident applications, without the source. It is designed to be easy to use, with scripting to automate set-up. Through a graphical interface, the engineer can gain access to the features of J-Link/J-Trace, can set an unlimited number of breakpoints, even when debugging in flash memory, and can also provide ultra-fast flash download. A Beta version is available for download now.

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