SEGGER: new beta version of Embedded Studio reduces program size by up to 12%

SEGGER just released a new beta version of its powerful cross-platform development software “Embedded Studio”. The new version focuses on program size reduction, achieving an amazing 5 to 12% on typical applications over the previous version, and even higher gains compared to GCC tool chains. These savings are the result of the new Link-Time Optimization, combined with SEGGER’s Linker and Run-time library emLib-C. LTO combines all input object files into one module and optimizes the entire application, opening the door for optimizations not available to the compiler itself.

The SEGGER Linker adds features such as compression of initialized data, deduplication, as well as the flexibility of dealing with fragmented memory maps that embedded developers have to cope with. Like all SEGGER software, it is written from scratch without any legacy code or legacy thinking, focusing on the requirements of embedded developers. Additionally, the size required by the included runtime library is significantly lower than that of runtime libraries used by most GCC tool chains.

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