Selectable polarity dual supervisor monitors undervoltage or overvoltage -

Selectable polarity dual supervisor monitors undervoltage or overvoltage

Linear Technology's LTC2909 is a dual low-voltage adjustable input supervisor that's intended for system monitoring applications. A single select pin chooses one of three possible polarity combinations for the adjustable inputs. The part can monitor two supplies (positive, negative, or both) for UV, OV, or one of each. It can also monitor a single supply (positive or negative) for UV and OV simultaneously. The adjustable trip thresholds are set with an external resistive divider network, giving users complete control over the trip point.

The 0.5-V threshold comes with an accuracy of +/-1.5%, ensuring reliable reset operation without false triggering. A precision undervoltage lockout allows Vcc to be used as an accurate third fixed 10% UV supply monitor. The common reset output delay can be configured to use a preset 200-ms timeout, adjusted by an external capacitor or disabled.

In addition to providing a highly versatile, precise solution for supply monitoring, the 50-ΜA quiescent current and the DFN package make the LTC2909 suitable for low-voltage, space-limited applications. The onboard featured 6.5-V shunt regulator, however, permits operation from a high voltage supply. Pricing begins at $1.55 each for 1000 piece quantities. For more information, visit

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