SEMATECH and IMEC cooperate on 157nm research -

SEMATECH and IMEC cooperate on 157nm research


IMEC and International SEMATECH (ISMT) have signed an agreement to work together in an advanced technology program aimed at speeding the development of 157nm lithography.

The 157nm IMEC industrial affiliation program (IIAP) is due to ramp up to full speed in Q2 of this year, when the world's first 157nm full-field scanner (ASML Micrascan VII) will become operational at IMEC. A consortium of IC manufacturers, equipment suppliers, as well as resist suppliers and mask shops has already been established. International SEMATECH has agreed to join a major portion of this program.

Research will be carried out on a number of topics at IMEC by IMEC employees and industrial assignees from the partner companies and International SEMATECH.

Dr. Luc Van den hove, Vice President of Silicon Process and Device Technology at IMEC, said, “While International SEMATECH's programs focus primarily on infrastructure development and manufacturing considerations, IMEC distinguishes itself through its process module research. This agreement will guarantee complementary research work in 157 nm at both organizations, and ensure an open information exchange so that the development of 157 nm lithography will be as cost-effective and efficient as possible.”

Dr. Tony Yen, director of lithography at ISMT, said, “We're looking forward to working with IMEC in this important program, and to realizing the benefits of IMEC's expertise in process development. This agreement recognizes the core competences of both organizations, and once again proves the value of cooperation.”

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