SEMI to host Russian exposition -

SEMI to host Russian exposition

LONDON — SEMI is to hold the 13th of its annual SEMI Expo CIS in Moscow on October 3-4 to showcase semiconductor equipment, materials and devices as well as photovoltaic technology.

This year's event will include a Semiconductor Executive Market Conference on Oct 3, a Photovoltaic Conference and a Design for Manufacturing Conference on Wednesday, Oct 4. Conferences will be held at the Hotel National in Moscow, while the exhibition and the symposium will take place at the nearby New Manege Exhibition Hall.

Complete transfer from analog to digital broadcasting by 2015, as declared by the Russian State, and the restoring of the Global Navigation System (GLONAS) by 2008 are among the most prominent upcoming IT projects. IT industries and infrastructure in Russia will also be the core topics of the Semiconductor Executive Market Conference.

Their impact on semiconductor related projects as well as investments and partnerships will be debated with speakers from the Russian Government including Seguey Mazurenko, Head of Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, Yuri Borisov, Head of Radioelectronic Industry and Control Systems Department of the Russian Federal Agency for Industry as well as top managers from Russian IC manufacturers Mikron and Angstrem, their western partners and Russian State and private investment funds.

“The Russian IT market increased three fold in 2005, and is projected to reach at least $40 billion by 2010,” said Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe/CIS. “With $650 million investments planned in the IT sector over the next five years, and the establishment of four economic high tech zones and technical innovation areas, Russia offers the semiconductor and related industries a wide range of new opportunities for future development. Therefore, it is critical to reinforce strong relationships between industry leaders, government officials and investors.”

The Photovoltaic Conference will feature sessions dedicated to local projects aimed at renewal of former CIS manufacturing facilities and setting up of new ones to produce raw materials for PV industry (quartz, TCS, polysilicon), photovoltaic modules manufacturing, as well as photovoltaic technologies and equipment. This half day conference will feature companies and combines located in Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyz Republic (CIS).

The Design for Manufacturing Conference will feature presentations from global suppliers of software and technologies for the design of ICs, PCB's and Photomasks to Russia, as well as from Russian major design centers. In addition, there will be one session on the investments projects led by the Russian Government for the expansion of a design centre network in Russia and creation of photomask design, manufacturing and cataloging center in Zelenograd.

At this year's Technology Symposium, SEMI will provide information support to SID Russia's XV International Symposium – Advanced Display Technologies (ADT 2006), and will arrange one full day of FPD technology sessions devoted to display electronics, ergonomics and standards in conjunction with the SID Russia Chapter. Also within the framework of the Symposium, there will be a SEMI International Standards Workshop with a focus on MEMS and photovoltaic related standards.

An optional tour to Minsk (Belarus) on Oct 5 will include a visit to Integral, the largest semiconductor device manufacturing company in the CIS, and Planar, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

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