Sensor brings higher resolutions to mainstream cameras -

Sensor brings higher resolutions to mainstream cameras

OmniVision Technologies' OmniPixel2 architecture offers a pixel size of just 2.2 by 2.2 microns. To increase the pixel density within a compact sensor size and to maximize the performance of the smaller pixel, the OmniPixel2 features three technology developments. First is the research activity that resulted in a proprietary new process and innovative pixel design. This increases the fill factor by 40%. Second, OmniPixel2 sensors are designed with a zero-gap micro-lens, eliminating the space between the lenses that are placed over each pixel, thus more efficiently directing the light to the pixel's active area. Third, the OmniPixel2 architecture brings improvements to the pixel’s dynamic range through higher quantum efficiency and improved full well capacity. The quantum efficiency measures how effectively pixels convert the captured photons to electrons. Additional information is available at

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