Sensor module features Bluetooth beacon -

Sensor module features Bluetooth beacon

The FWM8BLZ02A-109069 Bluetooth 4.1 sensor beacon from Fujitsu enables on-demand reporting in remote monitoring and tracking applications. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Low Energy nRF51822 SoC, the device also packs an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and 32 kbytes of nonvolatile memory in a 40×31×12-mm package.

Operating on a single coin-cell battery with a life expectancy of more than 2 years, the FWM8BLZ02A-109069 monitors temperature, inclination, vibration, and motion, recording data to memory that is capable of storing up to 68 hours of data at 60 second intervals or 42 days at 15 minute intervals. Data downloads to a host device can be user-specified at preset intervals, on a set schedule, or on-demand via a Bluetooth router. Data is transferred to a smart phone, tablet, or Windows host device.

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