Sensor Platforms introduces multi-sensor interface IC -

Sensor Platforms introduces multi-sensor interface IC

San Jose, Calif. —Sensor Platforms has released the SSP1401 multi-channel LRC sensor interface chip to address the next generation of high volume sensor opportunities in consumer, computer, industrial, and automotive markets, particularly where multi-sensor fusion capability is required.

Optimized for cost and ease of use, the SSP1401 targets applications requiring the interfacing of single or multiple sensors of various signal types and functionalities including resistive, capacitive, inductive, piezoelectric, and pulse-count based sensor elements.

As an application example, the single-chip SSP1401 can directly interface to a dual-axis magneto-resistive magnetometer sensor to implement an electronic compass function, while at the same time providing altimeter information via a capacitive pressure sensor.

Featuring +1.8VDC operation (+1.6 to +3.6VDC), the SSP1401 operates across -40 to +125C. This, combined with low power consumption and cost effectiveness, makes the device well suited for battery-powered mobile platforms.

The SSP1401 has six user-configurable sensor drive channels that can each drive up to 60 mA for any given sensor and are compatible with most sensor element types, including MEMS.

Potential applications include: resistive temperature and gas sensors, capacitive viscometer sensors, capacitive and resistive liquid-level sensors, capacitive dielectric-measurement sensors, capacitive touch sensors, resistive conductivity measurement sensors, resistive and inductive magnetic sensors, resistive and capacitive accelerometers and pressure sensors. For implementation, the SSP1401 requires three discrete passive components in addition to the sensor elements. It features an operating current of less than 0.5 mA (depending upon the sensor load and sampling rate). In sleep mode, the SSP1401 dissipates less than 200nA. The chip's dynamic signal range is 24 bits and it has a 13 bit effective number of bits (ENOB) rating. The SSP1401 is available in a bare die form or in a 5 x 5 mm sq., 28-pin MLF/QFN RoHS-compliant package. Packaged devices are priced at $2.24 each in 1000 unit quantities. Samples and evaluation kits will be available in Q2 2007.

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