Sensors draw Mars duty -

Sensors draw Mars duty


The Finnish Meteorological Institute’s MEDA PS and MEDA HS sensors are set to measure the pressure and humidity of the atmosphere of Mars. Based on Vaisala’s Barocap and Humicap sensor technologies, FMI’s devices will be part of the Spanish Mars Environmental Dynamic Analyzer (MEDA) suite of environmental sensors, which will be installed in the Mars 2020 Rover.

MEDA PS and MEDA HS are designed, built, and calibrated by FMI. Pressure measurement devices were finalized earlier this year and the humidity measuring instruments are now complete and ready for final testing.

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  1. “Can you imagine the amount of money that the government is spending on all of these measurement units and equipment. It's amazing to think about what's going on up there in space and much less when all those data units are being sent back down to Earth to

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  2. “It is amazing how Man has accomplished so much in the technological sector which can be applied for various needs. It won't be long until we will be able to experience a whole array of endless advances that will be made readily available at everyone's dis

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