Sentilla introduces its Pervasive Computing Platform -

Sentilla introduces its Pervasive Computing Platform


Redwood City, Ca. – Sentilla has just announced general availability of itsJava Powered Pervasive Computing Platform to deploy pervasive computing applications across the network.

According to Joe Polastre, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sentilla, the new software provides all of the comforts that Java programmers havecome to expect, such as hardware abstraction, write-once, and run-anywhereportability.

Developers, he said, may also extend their applications through server software that allows for greater ease in management and integration at scale. To speed time-to-market, the platform also includes a hardware component that is specifically designed to run Sentilla's software.

Sentilla's Pervasive Computing Platform is available under a variety offlexible options. Customers and integrators may license the software directly from Sentilla as part of their own solution, or may purchase computer modules that combine software and hardware in a compact, scalable device suitable for an OEM.

Sentilla's platform is available as a Development Kit, which includes the Java Powered software pre-installed on eight low-power wireless computers, an Eclipse-based IDE, server software for management and integration, and a gateway device to connect the pervasive network to a PC.

The Sentilla Development Kit is available immediately for a price of $5000. To learn more, go to

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