Serial RapidIO switch cuts 3G wireless baseband costs -

Serial RapidIO switch cuts 3G wireless baseband costs


Santa Clara, Calif.—Tundra Semiconductor Corp. introduced the Tsi620, a multi-standard Serial RapidIO switch that lowers 3G baseband costs by bridging RapidIO-based DSP clusters to low cost embedded processors and FPGAs.

The Tundra Tsi620 lowers 3G baseband processing costs by directly connecting a switched cluster of RapidIO-enabled DSPs to low cost PCI-enabled microprocessors, in many cases leveraging investment in existing software solutions. The Tsi620's RapidIO port for FPGA interconnect allows baseband designers to select cost competitive FPGAs without integrated SerDes.

The RapidIO interface includes up to three ports in 4x mode; up to six ports in 1x mode; 1.25 Gbaud, 2.5 and 3.125 Gbaud data rate as well as non standard speeds in between. The non-serial FPGA interface supports RapidIO (layers 2 and 3) at 1 to 10-Gbits/s data rate. It also features a PCI interface that operates up to 66-MHz and supports up to four devices.

Pricing: In volume is $99.
Availability: Early 2008.
Datasheet: click here.

Tundra Semiconductor Corp., 1-800-267-7231,

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