Service aims to ease overseas sales -

Service aims to ease overseas sales

FAREHAM, England — TUV Product Service has introduced a compliance service designed to help IT, radio and telecommunications equipment manufacturers, importers and exporters improve access for their products to markets worldwide.

The PACE (Product Approval and Compliance Experts) service allows manufacturers to benefit from the services of a team of market access consultants. The PACE team will review the product and intended markets in order to compile an effective route through approval and compliance. Typically within one day, TUV Product Service will provide a report on market access requirements for Tier One countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and EU, EFTA and the first-stage EU accession countries.

Additional days will be required for other countries, for which tiers have been developed by TUV Product Service. For example, Tier Two includes second-stage EU accession countries, Eastern Europe and Japan, for which a report will be generated within two days.

The PACE solution identifies test requirements and compiles a rationalised test plan to help minimise unnecessary or repeat testing. It also generates a compliance roadmap which details general and specific market requirements, and identifies market entry requirements including contacts, timescales, budgetary prices, and approval routes.

The review contains information on the appropriate test standards, test plan, market entry requirements, Spectrum Management Authority contact details where appropriate, typical timescales for approval, and any additional, publicly-available information necessary for gaining approval in target countries. TUV Product Service can also work to obtain approvals on behalf of the manufacturer, importer or exporter, based on the PACE report.

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