Service Availability Forum's Platform Interface spec released to ease infrastructure design -

Service Availability Forum’s Platform Interface spec released to ease infrastructure design

The Service Availability Forum, an industry coalition ofcommunications and computing companies, has released its PlatformInterface specification. This is open interface specification forcarrier-grade platform and middleware that helps tie together allstandards-based network equipment elements.

The specification provides an interface between the operatingsystem or hardware platform and the service availability middleware.This interface within the telecom equipment stack decouples highavailability hardware and software.

Companies implementing the SA Forum Platform Interfacespecification will use it to set-up, monitor and perform faultrecovery of network equipment solutions.

Membership of the Forum includes suppliers of equipment, highavailability middleware, operating system vendors and platformproviders.

The Forum says that a significant cost in the development ofproprietary carrier-grade solutions is dedicated to developinginterfaces to interoperate with a variety of redundant subsystems andapplications. The communications industry has taken steps to reducethese costs and resources through the development of carrier-gradeCOTS solutions.

This has been helped by a number of open standards initiativessuch as the SAF and PICMG, a consortium of over 600 companies whocollaboratively develop open specifications for high performancetelecommunications and industrial computing applications.

The Service Availability Forum has worked with PICMG and otherstandards organizations to advance this industry effort to promotethe adoption of standards-based network equipment components.

The SA Forum Platform Interface specification can be downloadedand implemented after signing a 'Specification License' agreement.The license is free of charge.

Initially, an 'Adopter Self-Certification Program with Disclosure'will be used with licensors using a Web-based template to disclosetheir methodology of compliance, detailing their test plan, setup,test script, and compiler details.

The SAF plans to release SA Forum Application Interfacespecifications early next year.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) November2002

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