Service provides distribution customers access to Agilent support

The Agilent Advantage Service Pack has been created specifically for customers who purchase from distributors and enables customers who buy Agilent electronic test instruments from a distributor to have the immediate opportunity to obtain premium warranty service.

The premium warranty provided by the Agilent Advantage Service Pack gives access to fast turnaround time for both the original factory warranty, plus two additional years; repairs in three to five days that include a full calibration, complete with a calibration certificate and measurement report; and expedited return shipping.
It provides web registration using a web key and access to Agilent Infoline Web Services log-in to manage equipment and services more effectively.
The Agilent Advantage Service Pack is designed to protect a customer’s investment by ensuring lower cost of ownership, greater uptime, and ultimately increased productivity. Customers test equipment will carry out original functionality and evolving standards.
The Advantage Pack is available in the US., Canada and 27 member states of the European Union. For further details see

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