Servo module features 12 ADCs, 12 DACs -

Servo module features 12 ADCs, 12 DACs

Simi Valley, CA — Innovative Integration's new X3-Servo module features twelve 250 KSPS ADCs and twelve 1 MSPS DACs. These simultaneously-sampling, low-latency ADCs and DACs support real-time servo control applications.

The X3-Servo XMC board supports data acquisition control, signal processing, buffering, and system interface functions in a 1M gate Xilinx Spartan3A FPGA. The logic functionality can be customized using VHDL or MATLAB using the FrameWork Logic toolset. An available MATLAB BSP supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using Simulink block diagram environment with Xilinx System Generator.

The board features programmable input range and high input impedance allow interfacing directly to many sensors, while the output is capable of directly driving many transducers. It also features a PCI Express interface that supports continuous data rates up to 180 MB/s between the module and the host.

The X3-Servo XMC board quantity one pricing is $2,995.00. For more information please visit Innovative Integration Inc. at

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