Set-top box chip cuts costs, supports latest security specs -

Set-top box chip cuts costs, supports latest security specs


Geneva—STMicroelectronics is sampling an MPEG decoder for standard definition TV. The STi5107, which is the latest addition to its OMEGA family of set-top box products, is aimed at helping manufacturers cut their total component cost and simplify board design and assembly, while offering enhanced security features.

The STi5107 provides a unified, single-device platform for set-top boxes ranging from basic low-cost products up to MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) applications, for satellite, cable, and terrestrial services and plug-in TV modules.

The decoder supports the advanced security features required by all major conditional access (CA) suppliers The 200-MHz clock speed of the embedded ST20 32-bit RISC CPU core provides increased power for advanced applications and is fully compatible with all mainstream set-top box middleware.

An integrated 2D graphics engine relieves the CPU of on-screen display (OSD) overhead. The graphics sub-system is supported by an advanced blitter-based display, which implements bit-mapped graphics in hardware. Additional features include DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) descramblers, a low cost DVB-CI (Common Interface) to link it to a removable security module, and support for a single tuner DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for high quality time-shifting.

The STi5107 is offered in LQFP216 and PBGA324 packages. Volume production is expected to start early in in the first quarter of 2007. Pricing is $6 in 100k quantities.

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