SH-Mobile processor enables audio/video features -

SH-Mobile processor enables audio/video features

San Jose, Calif. — Renesas Technology America, Inc.'s SH-MobileV2 processor boasts 3D graphics and enhanced image processing to enable phones with sophisticated online gaming and advanced multimedia applications. The SH7310 (HD6417310BP133) is built on the SuperH RISC architecture.

At the heart of this application processor is a 32-bit, 133MHz SH3-DSP CPU core with built-in DSP functions, a cache and 192KB of RAM for user-defined functions. On-chip peripheral modules include a color management unit that generates color conversions tailored to the characteristics of various LCD modules, an LCD controller that supports TFT color LCDs, a video output unit, an IrDA interface, a USB 2.0 interface, and a 2-channel sound I/O unit that produces up to 64 chords for audio outputs.

Also integrated into the processor chip is the MPEG-4 accelerator function, extension interfaces for sophisticated connectivity, and a power management capability.

According to Brian Davis, director of business development at Renesas Technology America, Inc., “Mobile phone designs are becoming increasingly complex, driven by higher camera pixel counts, the growing popularity of video-mail and video-phone services, and the increasing sophistication of applications such as online gaming. With this device, our customers can build phones that offer smoother, faster moving image playback and recording and have advanced LCD screens that can display applications that achieve substantial visual impact. They can also offer a wider range of options based on advanced technology, developed at reduced cost.”

The SH-MobileV2 processor is the first device to offer an enhanced LCD controller for advanced TFT LCD panels, a combination that maximizes the visual impact of graphic-intense applications, according to Renesas. In addition, it has a built-in sound source that can produce up to 64 chords for generating pleasant, sophisticated ring-tone melodies.

To meet the requirements of battery-operated, power sensitive mobile phones, the processor is designed to deliver major power efficiencies, so new phone designs can achieve exceptionally long talk and standby times.

The SH-MobileV2 device enables high-end/feature-rich mobile phones. It offers enhanced image processing functions including a UXGA (2-megapixel equivalent) camera interface; a fast, low-power MPEG-4 full-hardware accelerator; and a 2D/3D graphics engine for impressive on-screen graphics.

Available Renesas multimedia middleware for the new processor includes MPEG-4, JPEG and MP3 applications. Partner vendors also sell a rich variety of middleware packages. To jump-start the system development process for sophisticated multimedia applications, Renesas offers a development platform equipped with a keyboard, small LCD panel, and cellphone-class camera.

The processor is housed in a 408-pin chip scale package. The unit is priced at $36 per unit in large volumes.


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