SHARC additions raise performance and on-chip memory -

SHARC additions raise performance and on-chip memory

The SHARC 2148x and SHARC 2147x series are the latest additions to the Analog Devices Inc. range of 32-bit floating point digital signal processors. With up to 5 Mb of integrated memory the 2148x and 2147x processors extend single-chip, floating point signal processing precision to a wider range of applications and enable high-end system functionality in portable devices.

Designers can take advantage of end-to-end SHARC family code compatibility and a suite of ADI development tools.

The 2148x series processors deliver 400MHz performance and up to 5Mb on-chip memory making them suitable for high definition (HD) audio and home theatre applications, as well as advanced industrial applications.

The SHARC 2147x series with typical power consumption 363 mW are suitable for portable devices and applications like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that require floating point processing precision with low power consumption and high environmental tolerance The devices measure 12 x 12mm and deliver performance up to 266MHz.

Both the 2148x and 2147x processors feature dedicated hardware accelerators with independent compute units and DMA memory mapping, enabling the ability to execute FFT/FIR/IIR signal processing operations in the background to free up MIPS for core processing.

Memory usage is optimized via Variable Instruction Set Architecture (VISA) support, which can free up as much as 30 percent of memory space for application code through reductions in instruction opcode sizing.

The SHARC 21487x DSPs – the 2148x DSPs do not include a real-time clock.

The thermal diode, available in 100-ld LQF packages only enables high ambient temperature operation.

With integrated audio-centric peripherals and dedicated on-chip decoders to enable high-performance audio product designs, SHARC 2148x processors provide algorithm processing that can now be applied to consumer audio/video receivers (AVR) systems requiring low cost, single-chip board implementations.

SHARC 2147x processors provide the computational precision to facilitate RADAR-based ADAS including adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and cross traffic alert, enabling optimal target resolution, multi-target tracking and real-time system responsiveness for safety-critical applications.

The SHARC 2147x processors are also optimized for portable medical devices providing precise signal processing to yield accurate patient data that healthcare professionals can count on to expedite treatment decisions.

Third-parties providing value-added design services and technology for the SHARC 2148x and SHARC 2147x series include AeVee Labs, Danville Signal Processing, DSP Concepts, Kaztek Systems, and the MathWorks.

SHARC 2148x series processors are available in a range of package options including 176-ld and 100-ld LQFP packages. The SHARC 2147x series processors are available in package options including 12x12mm BGA and a 14 x 14 mm LQFP.

Development systems available for use with the devices include the EZ-KIT LiteEvaluation kit which consist of a standalone evaluation board and an evaluation suite of VisualDSP++ to facilitate architecture evaluations via a PC-hosted'tool'set.'

Users'can'evaluate'ADI's' processors and learn about digital signal processing applications, as well as simulate, debug, and prototype applications.

Also available is the The EZ-Board evaluation board which provides developers with a low cost platform for initial evaluation of the processors via an external emulator or ¼Clinux.

The EZ-Board has an expansion interface that allows for modularity with different expansion board types with and without debugging agents. The interface also provides a solution to user-defined pins reserved for specific processor types and EZ-KIT Liteevaluation kits, multifunction pins, signal terminations, buffering, timing, and interface guidelines.

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