Shhh! Secret code gives 15% discount for ESC Boston 2016 -

Shhh! Secret code gives 15% discount for ESC Boston 2016


Eeek Alors! I can’t believe it. It seems like only yesterday I was attending the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) 2015 in Minneapolis, and now ESC Boston 2016 is almost upon us. All I can say is that I'm too young for all of this excitement.

Have you seen the technical program schedule for ESC Boston? There are so many great sessions here that I don’t know where to start. It seems unfair to pick and choose — not the least that everyone is unique, so you may be tempted by different topics than I — but one event that will be a “must see” will be the Unveiling of the “Hello There!” Badge, which will be hosted by yours truly (see also ESC Boston Collectible — Wireless Mesh Networked Badges).

I have a long list of presentations I'm planning on attending, but I don’t want to bias you one way or the other. On the other hand, I'd love to hear which sessions most grab your interest — the ones that, when you look at the schedule, shout out to you: “Me! Me! Me!”

But we digress… The main reason for these meandering musings is that it's “Happy Dance” time because I have managed to persuade those who don the undergarments of authority and stride the corridors of power to provide me with a super-duper, top-secret-squirrel registration code.


This awesomely powerful code (MAGMAX15 , but don’t tell anyone I told you) will grant its bearer 15% off the current rate — the Advanced Price — for a Conference pass. This means the bearer of this code need pay only $976.65, as opposed to the current rate of $1,149.

Quick, while no one is looking, bounce over to the ESC Boston 2015 website and purchase your pass right now. Don’t delay, because my super-secret-squirrel code is only good from now until April 8, 2016, at which point it will self-destruct and I will deny it ever existed (I know nothing, Colonel Hogan,” as Sergeant Schultz would say).

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