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The purpose of “What's New” is simple: to let you know what's changed on without your having to wander around aimlessly looking for something new. I confess, however, that I've been giving some features on this site short shrift. In fact, some have been receiving no shrift at all.

For example, our staff of intrepid editors regularly scours the Internet, occult bookstores, and dusty back rooms in search of books that may possibly aid you in your chosen field of endeavor. Once we've ferreted them out, we line these books up on the virtual bookshelf. But if I don't mention it, you might not ever know about it unless you happened to stumble upon the bookshelf accidentally. Recent additions include Simulation Engineering: Build Better Embedded Systems Faster by Jim Ledin, Programming in C# by Jesse Liberty, Programming in the OSEK/VDX Environment by Joseph Lemieux, and Embedded Java Jumpstart by Michel de Champlain.

Those of you new to embedded systems development can also find a variety of Internet resources related to embedded systems development listed here. When the editorial staff isn't searching high and low for books about embedded systems development, it is combing the Internet, looking for appropriate links for this section. These are not links to companies that sell tools. Rather they are (hopefully) sources of useful information.

Last week I did mention the Demos section where you can find and download demos, betas, and other free software. We don't provide an actual home for this software: we just describe it and link to it. The only criteria for inclusion in this section are that the download is free and that the form you have to fill out to be able to download the software is not too egregious.

One thing that wasn't neglected in the last “Embedded Pulse” was Forth. When Jack Ganssle zeroed in on Forth, he elicited a plethora of comments from Defenders of the Forth, not all of them entirely vitriolic. Even so, Forth didn't fare to well in the poll. You can find Jack's interpretation of the results here, along with this week's poll.

Also not being neglected are Bernard Cole's ruminations on finding a name for net-centric computing. Yep, Bernie's at it again, but he assures me that this is his last stab at it.

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