Side-Firing LEDs allow mix of red, green, blue -

Side-Firing LEDs allow mix of red, green, blue

Two side-firing, tricolor surface-mount LEDs permit handset and PDA designers to mix separate red, green, and blue light sources in any combination. Developed by Agilent Technologies, the devices are intended primarily for backlighting and status indicators. In the HSMF-C113 and HSMF-C115 ChipLED devices, the package is mounted vertically, with the light emitted through a lens on the side rather than the top of the package. This simplifies the coupling of the light to a light pipe for backlighting mobile phone and PDA keypads and LCD screens. In handsets and other handheld devices, separate colors can differentiate between incoming messages, even identifying different callers. The LEDs feature a four-terminal common anode connection and are housed in a 2.5- by 1.0- by 1.0-mm package.

The HSMF-C113 combines InGaN blue, AlInGaP green, and AlInGaP red. The HSMF-C115 uses a brighter InGaN green. Both parts have diffused optics, are compatible with infrared reflow soldering processes, and are certified lead-free. The HSMF-C113 is priced at $0.58 each, and the HSMF-C115 at $1.00 each, both in 1000-piece quantities. Further information is available at

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