SIG recognizes Bluetooth test facility -

SIG recognizes Bluetooth test facility


Cambridge, UK – The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has awarded 7 layers UK Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF) status for RF, Protocol and Profile scopes. A BQTF has to carry out Category A Bluetooth test cases.

Halam Rose, Bluetooth Specialist at of 7 layers UK said, “Because we have demonstrated our competence to the Bluetooth SIG and because of our use of validated test equipment, category A tests performed by our BQTF don't have to be supported by evidence the way category B tests do. Generating additional evidence was time consuming and so delayed manufactures getting their products to market and added to the cost of Bluetooth Qualification. It has become faster and cheaper to qualify Bluetooth products.”

Laurence Richardson, managing director of 7 layers UK said, “The fact that test cases can be moved to category A, shows that the Bluetooth specification and dedicated test equipment have achieved maturity. This coupled with the cost of Bluetooth silicon plummeting means that many companies are finding they have the confidence to design Bluetooth products because they can build them at a price the market will welcome and they can avoid surprises in the development.”

“We have seen a big increase in Bluetooth business this year with Bluetooth testing and our BQB Bluetooth administration work, and we have also been very busy with GSM/GPRS testing. We expect to see many more handsets combining both technologies in the next 12 months,” added Richardson.

7 layers UK is a joint venture between TTPCom, the supplier of software and silicon IP for digital wireless terminals, and 7 layers AG who operate and support communications test laboratories in a number of locations around the world including Ratingen in Germany, Irvine in the USA; and Beijing, China.

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