Signal Concept: getting in-phase with your meter -

Signal Concept: getting in-phase with your meter

Taking a look at an average digital multimeter, one missing function is often underestimated. For evaluating the relation of AC signals to each other or against a reference, all of which having a common frequency, dealing with the phase angle becomes inevitable. Usual phase metering is often based upon an accurate and high-frequency time reference. This tends to limit this approach either to lower-frequency network analysers being operated at 50 or 60 hertz or to bulky tabletop devices.

The sturdy but small-sized SICO 2074 Phase Multimeter from Signal Concept was made to fill this gap. It offers a wide input range starting at 0.2 volts and a resolution of 0.1° within a frequency range extending from 40 hertz to 10 kilohertz. Even with severely corrupted signals and with almost any wave shape, the illuminated phase display will give amazingly steady readings. With its two CAT III isolated inputs the SICO 2074 Phase Multimeter is furthermore as useful as two separate AC voltmeters. Completed by a dual-trace graphical mode, the weatherproof instrument offers exact phase measurements for both skilled and unexperienced users.

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