Signal-generation software now supports emerging Chinese 3G standard -

Signal-generation software now supports emerging Chinese 3G standard


TD-SCDMA, the Chinese-developed 3G standard for mobile phones, is expected to make up at least one-third of the Chinese mobile communications market in the near future. To support this effort, Aeroflex has added TD-SCDMA (TSM) waveform creation capability to its IQCreatorT software to support the development and manufacturing of mobile phones and base stations for this emerging standard. IQCreator is an intuitive and easy-to-use software application that enables a user to set up a wireless carrier modulation scheme and then create an arbitrary waveform file for use with both the Aeroflex IFR 3410 or Aeroflex PXI 3020 digital signal generators. IQCreator supports a wide variety of modulation types and is constantly updated by Aeroflex. It is available for download for free at

IQCreator with TD-SCDMA was designed in accordance with the Chinese Wireless Telecommunications Standards (CWTS TSM 05.04 v.3.0.0) to provide both uplink and downlink test signals. It's designed to generate complex digitally modulated signals. The software allows easy file creation using Windows-based library templates for generic or specific modulation schemes such as GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, or WLAN (802.11). IQCreator is suitable for generating single-carrier generic or framed signals as well as multi-carrier and multi-tone signals. It also lets users package and download their own I/Q data files coming from third-party software tools such as MATLABR.

IQCreator for RF signal generators enables a user to set up a modulation scheme and then create an arbitrary waveform generator file. It's designed for use with either the Aeroflex IFR 3410 series or the Aeroflex 3020 PXI series signal generators. Graphical displays of the waveform FFT, vector and constellation diagrams and other waveforms can be viewed and exported for use in other Windows applications. The arbitrary waveform generator file may be saved or downloaded into the instrument itself. User-defined configurations can also be saved. Consequently, it is possible to load previously saved setups to regenerate the arbitrary waveform generator files quickly and easily. More information is available at

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