Signal generator raises bar to 40 GHz -

Signal generator raises bar to 40 GHz


Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its analog R&S SMB100A mid-range signal generator by adding new frequency options and can now handle everything from analog RF to microwave applications.

The SMB-B120/B120L and SMB-B140/B140L options (L versions without step attenuator) enable the generator to cover the frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz and 40 GHz, respectively. The highest frequency was previously 12.75 GHz on the SMB-B112.

In the added frequency ranges, the SMB100A still offers a dynamic range of -120 dBm to +14 dBm as standard. New high power options – the SMB-B31 (for the 20 GHz model) and the  SMB-B32 (for the 40 GHz model) – make it possible to achieve a maximum output power of  +25 dBm.

The options allow users to skip the practice of looping in an external amplifier to achieve higher output power. This technique is now needed only when compensation is required to deal with attenuation in the test setup.

For the SMB100A an expanded attenuator range and the direct digital synthesis (DDS) method provides low single sideband phase noise and it has good spectral purity. These two features remove the need for downconversion.

The signal generator' has a three-year calibration interval and a maximum power consumption of 120 W  for the 40 GHz model.

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