Signal integrity network analyzer measures 40 GHz, 4-port S-parameters -

Signal integrity network analyzer measures 40 GHz, 4-port S-parameters

The SPARQ series of signal integrity network analyzers from LeCroy Corp. measures 40 GHz S-parameters on up to 4-ports with single button press operation.

It is a time domain instrument, using TDR/T technology along with patented LeCroy innovations to rapidly acquire waveforms and measure the S-parameters of a device under test.

The SPARQ measures both frequency and time domain results, and outputs standard Touchstone S-parameter files that are ready to be loaded into the user’s simulation software. The unit is PC-based and includes the hardware and software tools required by the signal integrity engineer for characterizing passive devices.  

It calibrates using an internal OSLT calibration kit which allows the calibration and
measurement to proceed automatically with a single button click and without any need to connect and disconnect calibration standards.

The 'E' model SPARQ units include the internal calibration capability standard, and also support
manual calibration using an external calibration kit.
When using the automatic calibration, the SPARQ de-embeds the attached cables, adapters and fixture to return the S-parameters of just the device under test.

Users can measure single-ended, differential and mixed-mode S-parameters (both magnitude and phase), and view corresponding time domain results including step response, impulse response, rho and Z normalized to a user-selectable rise time. 

The software provided with the SPARQ shares the same overall look and feel as that used on LeCroy’s Windows-based oscilloscopes.

Up to 16 S-parameters result waveforms can be displayed simultaneously, with the ability to zoom, reposition and perform math and measurements on waveforms in a manner similar to leading LeCroy oscilloscopes.
Three models are available:
the SPARQ-4004E (40GHz, 4-port, internal calibration),
SPARQ-4002E (40GHz, 2-port, internal calibration) and
SPARQ-4002M (40GHz, 2-port, manual calibration). 

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