Signal integrity software adds multiport analysis -

Signal integrity software adds multiport analysis

Santa Clara, Calif.—Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the latest version of its signal integrity test product: the Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) version 4.0.

Featuring new multiport enhancements, the calibration, measurement and analysis platform is aimed at signal integrity engineers doing high-speed digital design and encountering microwave transmission line effects in their PCBs, cables, IC packages and backplanes.

Agilent also introduced PLTS Studio, an analysis-only version of the PLTS platform that provides a low-cost-to-entry for engineers performing post-measurement data analysis of Touchstone files.

Simplifying multiple aggressor differential crosstalk measurements in high-speed backplanes, Agilent's PLTS version 4.0 easily imports 12-port S-parameter data and rapidly pinpoints the physical location of crosstalk problems.

A customizable device configuration map manages the large S-parameter files from the n-port data set, organizing them according to port name. When only 4-port data is available, the tool's advanced file import functionality automatically builds larger Touchstone models, thereby eliminating the time-consuming task of writing custom import software or performing a manual cut-and-paste of Touchstone data.

The Agilent PLTS version 4.0 allows for time domain, frequency domain and eye diagram analysis with maximum correlation to all tools. As a result, it can be easily used in place of three or four separate tools.

Agilent's PLTS Studio software package for data analysis enables engineers to correlate measurement-based interconnect models in a digital-friendly user environment. It features the same multiport analysis enhancements now available with the PLTS version 4.0.

Pricing: N1930B-1FP, PLTS Studio: $9,250 and N1930B-1FP/N1930B-3FP, PLTS version 4.0: $18,500.
Availability: Agilent's PLTS version 4.0 is available now through Agilent's direct sales channels and worldwide distribution partners. PLTS Studio is also available for purchase as a standalone solution or as part of the PLTS version 4.0 offering.
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