Signal processing card combines DSP, FPGA on a single-width AMC -

Signal processing card combines DSP, FPGA on a single-width AMC

Loughborough, United Kingdom—CommAgility is shipping the AMC-D4F1, a single width AdvancedMC module targeted at high-performance processing in wireless baseband, image processing and aerospace applications.

The AMC-D4F1 is designed around four TMS320C6455 DSPs from TI running at 1 GHz and a Virtex-4 FX100 series FPGA from Xilinx. The AMC-D4F1 is based on the AdvancedMC embedded standard, making it suitable for MicroTCA, as well as AdvancedTCA systems.

A full on-board infrastructure provides both 10-Gbits/s 4x Serial RapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet, including multiple links to the AMC connector for redundant connections to MicroTCA MCH or other switch hubs, and a front panel Serial RapidIO link. In addition, a 10-Gbits/s front panel link to the FPGA provides further programmable interface capabilities.

For improved data transfer capability, each DSP also has a 125 MHz synchronous EMIF connection to the FPGA—64 bits from DSP0 and 32 bits from DSP1-3, providing 20-Gbits/s bandwidth. More than 1-Gbyte of memory provides extensive on-card storage.

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