Signaling tester gains MMS application capabilities -

Signaling tester gains MMS application capabilities

A enhanced version of Anritsu's MD8470A Wireless Network Simulator (WNS) lets the signaling application tester perform MMS (multimedia messaging service) transmission/reception tests, as well as increased SMS (short message service) and video call test analysis. To achieve the increased testing ability, the MD8470A simulates a real-world mobile network in a production environment to create a simple, affordable method for evaluating mobile device performance. With the WNS, the MD8470A acts as both a base station simulator and applications server, providing advanced call processing features and performance that reduce application development and test time.

For MMS analysis, the MD8470A can be used with an internal or external MMS server to perform MMS transmission and reception tests. For SMS testing, the expanded capability includes support for unicode and binary text formats, in addition to the 7-bit ASCII format. Additional MD8470A test capabilities include video call loopback tests for simple, cost-effective video call analysis and service interruption tests, such as an incoming voice/video call during a packet call or SMS/MMS reception during voice, packet, or video calls.

Prices for the MD8470A start at $24,630. For more information, visit

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