Phaedrus Systems has announced that the SCIOPTA ARM IEC 61508-P3 SafetyKernel has been certified by T”V Munich to the IEC 61508 standard atSafety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3). The safety kernel is available for allARM 7/9 and XScale based Microprocessors.

SCIOPTA ARM IEC 61508-P3 was developed according to risk level SIL3(IEC 61508-3) and SIL3/4 (EN50128) and T”V has tested Version 1.9.5 ofthe kernel according to IEC 61508-1:1998, IEC 61508-3:1998, IEC61508-4:1998 and EN 50128:2001.

Customer with a valid maintenance agreement will receive certifiedversion updates and upgrades at no additional costs. The SCIOPTA ARMIEC 61508-P3 Safety Kernel supports the ARM MMU memory protection andit has been certified for use with the IAR Systems ARM C Compiler,Assembler and Linker.

IEC61508 is an international standard focusing on safety-relatedsystems that incorporate electrical, electronic and/or programmableelectronic (E/E/PE) instruments and devices. Initially, mainly used inthe automation and process control industry, IEC61508 is more and moreaccepted for applications in other industries including automotive andmedical where safety and reliability are paramount.

SCIOPTA safety documentation includes the Safety Manual, the T”VCertificate and the T”V Certification Report. Other specificcertification documents such as specifications, reports and plans areavailable upon request from Phaedrus Systems.

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