Silicon Image rolls out HDMI 1.3 receivers for HDTVs -

Silicon Image rolls out HDMI 1.3 receivers for HDTVs


Las Vegas—At the 2008 International CES, Silicon Image Inc. released the PinnaClear SiI9223 four-port receiver and the SiI9127 two-port receiver, two HDMI integrated receivers that deliver the advanced HDMI 1.3 HDTV features including 1080p Deep Color and x.v.Color expanded color gamut.

The SiI9223 integrated receiver supports Silicon Image's new Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), a technology that enables mobile devices such as digital cameras and camera phones to connect to and display high-definition content on digital televisions (DTVs).

A series of features makes it easy to integrate the SiI9223 and SiI9127 into existing HDTV designs. An auto boot feature eliminates the need for external microcontroller initialization that can improve the power on “time to picture” of HDTVs, and a software application programming interface (API) provides the framework to reduce firmware development time. The SiI9223 and SiI9127 support 10-bit and 12-bit Deep Color depths (4:4:4 RGB or YCbCr).

The SiI9223 and SiI9127 implement a power management scheme to ensure low standby power consumption through an innovation known as “power islands.” Power islands isolate CEC and EDID functions to ensure that only the minimum active circuitry necessary consumes standby power.

Both devices feature built-in support for the Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) functionality and integrated Extended Display Identification Data (EDID). CEC enables manufacturers to add a broad set of command and control functions that, when deployed, can change the way devices behave in a system and allow users to control multiple CEC-enabled devices with a single remote control. Silicon Image's implementation of low power standby mode enables CEC and EDIDs to function with 5V HDMI cable power from source devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes and game consoles.

Pricing: The PinnaClear Sil9223 is priced at $10.49 and the SiI9127 at $8.87 in 10,000 unit quantities.
Availability: General sampling to customers in March 2008.

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